Introducing ‘Breezy Blues’ πŸŒΏπŸ’™ – Our latest baby bedding design crafted with love, featuring 100% cotton comfort and a stunning blue leafy pattern with intricate applique details. The perfect blend of style and softness for your little one’s nursery! 😍 #BreezyBlues #BabyBedding #CottonComfort

Full Set Contains 15 Items

  • 1* Hand Quilt
  • 2* Box Pillow Covers
  • 2* Box Pillows
  • 2* Roller Pillow Covers
  • 2* Roller Pillows
  • 1* Cot Sheet
  • 3* Piece Bumper Set (48″ x 28″ x 12″) (Pad + Cover)
  • Baby Carrier
  • Baby Bag
  • Cot Comforter
  • Nappy Hanger
  • Baby Nest
  • Feeding Pillow
  • Head Shaping Pillow
  • Baby Towel
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Hand Quilt, Box Pillow Covers, Roller Pillows, Cot Sheet, 3X Bumper Set, Baby Carrier, Baby Bag, Cot Comforter, Nappy Hanger, Baby Nest, Feeding Pillow, Head Shaping Pillow, Baby Towel, Full Set


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